"Why would anyone believe that? You’re not fine. If you were, you wouldn’t be crying and lying at the greater Philadelphia area’s finest convenient store. What are people supposed to think you’re crying for? Best case scenario: People believe you’re crying because the dispenser is out of pumpkin coffee…I didn’t think about that…that’s the best case scenario; crying over coffee. But there’s some real shit going on, and if the people in this Wawa knew how much strength it took for you to even get out of bed, let alone into a car, let alone make it here; they would applaud you for being the hero that you are. Yeah, you’re feeling feelings and that’s real an-and maybe you’re feeling judged by these soft pretzel eaters but some times you gotta cry in public, even if makes a bunch of people in a Wawa really uncomfortable."

Chris Gethard and Mal Blum
Crying at the Wawa
My Comedy Album (via riffinbits)

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everyone has that “thing” about them that people talk about when you’re not there.